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Tips & Notes

1. You can leave the keyword field blank and simply select a division, a class, or an order. This will produce a data set for the selected division, class, or order. Make sure to uncheck or untick the box next to "Limited by".

2. The plant, insect, amphibian, bird, invasive species, and other species items displayed in the menus are classified as orders.

3. If you try to run the query with more than one menu group selected, the search engine will only use the selected item that is the lowest in the classification structure. For example, if you select a phylum, a class, and an insect, the search engine will ignore the phylum and class selections and just use the insect selection.

4. An exception to the foregoing multiple selections is the combination of plant and insect. Since these are at the same classification level (order), the search engine will find both plants and insects based on the selected plant and insect orders.

5. Be aware that when querying the database with no specified keyword, the search engine will take a little longer than expected to process and return the result. It is best to use the default: that is select one menu group and specify a word or a phrase in an individual search query. This simple guideline will allow you to try many different search queries to find exactly what you are looking for.

6. The experience will be better and faster when you conduct your search queries on an Android mobile device. More records are delivered per transaction than the Web version. You can save particular species locally for your own record and future reference. If you have an Android device, download and install the mobile app here.

Happy searching!

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